Back to school supplies for Electronics

Hi. Boys and girls. It’s back to school season again. May be you are traveling with family or attending a summer camping now.  Some of you may start to schedule your new semester. Like making a list of back to school supplies. Today, we are talking about Back to school supplies for Electronics. You can get up to 50% off discount price here.

QICENT QICENT UCF-2P Dual Port 15W Car Charger


Many friends usually ask me why QICENT has not new product? How long it takes a new product for QICENT etc.,?

Now,I want introduce a new car charger for you------QICENT UCF-2P Dual Port 15W Car Charger .

Introduce qicent SC-2A5U

 This product would be good for people who:

1) Own multiple devices that are USB based and also have in their area lamps, computers, landline phones, or printers to connect to all in one

2) Have a lack of accessible wall outlet sockets to use on separate device charging

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