Back to school supplies for Electronics

Hi. Boys and girls. It’s back to school season again. May be you are traveling with family or attending a summer camping now.  Some of you may start to schedule your new semester. Like making a list of back to school supplies. Today, we are talking about Back to school supplies for Electronics. You can get up to 50% off discount price here.

 1. Charger(20% off

The first one is the best multi USB charging station to be used at school ,home, office and café. Adaptively charges all 5V USB powered devices including Android and Apple devices at up to 2.4A. Every USB port charges faster and more efficient. Buy it on Amazon  20% off with coupon code ICOYJ3RC

The Surge Protector with 2 AC Outlets 5 Port USB ports is perfect in your dormitory.You can charge all your phone, iPad and other electronic devices at same time. Never mind to share with your roommate. With the Stand slot, you can also watch videos or make a FaceTime call with friends when charging. Buy it on Amazon  20% off with coupon code ICOYJ3RC

The 6- Port USB Charger is ideal charger for students. There are five Quick Charge 2.0 Smart IC Output Port and one Type C Port. Absolutely satisfied your fast charging demand. Portable, small size and easy to carry. Buy it on Amazon  20% off with coupon code F7QHGC8Z

2. USB Hub(20% off

The 7 USB 3.0 port is helpful for class presentation. It supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps and requires no driver installation. 30W big power supply for hub, make data transmission more stable. Buy it on Amazon   20% off with coupon code F7QHGC8Z 

The second one is the best Super Speed Data Transfer USB3.0 Hub. Instantly add extra 10 USB3.0 data ports to your computer, offers transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0. Exclusive 2 charging ports intelligently identify the connected devices and automatically deliver the fastest possible charge of up to 2.4A each port. Buy it on Amazon   20% off with coupon code F7QHGC8Z

QICENT USB Hub Ethernet with 3-port USB 3.0 and Ethernet is the best Desktop Gigabit Ethernet USB Hub. You may need it for your Mac, Laptops, Surface Pros and more. Buy it on Amazon  20% off with coupon code ICOYJ3RC

3.  Organizer Box 

The first Cable Organizer Box is a perfect box to make your table clean by hiding your power strip and messy cables in. Elegant girls may need this to make your desk looks elegant too. And it is made from high-strength ABS material, durable and hard. Buy it on Amazon   20% off with coupon code ICOYJ3RC

The pink Wire Organizer Box is perfect for cable management on desk, floor and designed for girls. The color of pink makes people feel happy and alive that you must love it. Buy one on Amazon  40% off with coupon code YJZUVMOT

Fashionable and elegant design. Water-repellent PU plastics, stable and durable.  QICENT External Hard Drive Case for SSD External Hard Drive is also ideal for Electronics and Accessories Storage. Buy one on Amazon  20% off with coupon code ICOYJ3RC

4.  Charging& Audio Cable50% off with coupon code ATWXWV88

2 Pack (3.2ft)Micro USB Cable, high Speed and Durable Charge Cable For Samsung, Nexus, LG, Android Devices. Buy it on Amazon 

3 Pack USB A to Micro USB Charging Cable, durable and high speed charge cable for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Android Devices. Buy it on Amazon 

QICENT 3.5mm Male to Female Aux Stereo Audio Cable Aux Cable for iPhone/Smartphone/Macbook to Headphone and Speaker. Buy one on Amazon  

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