QICENT committed to the USB Power Strip & USB Travel Charger & Home Improvement R&D, manufacturing and sales. is the sole authorized seller of authentic QICENT products on the Amazon platform. Response to the explosion of the USB Power industry and the growing need to provide Innovative, Smart, Efficient Product. Giving users an easy approach for using their devices. Since 2014, when our first products were launched, consumers around the world enjoy from QICENT Charger devices. They’ve said “goodbye, good riddance” to their old devices, and no longer have to worry about not having the correct TOOLS because of QICENT Innovative Range of Products which are Smart Multi-USB. Power Your Life a Philosophy which we hold on dearly when designing and coming out with new products.

High Quality Redefined

Innovation and quality mean everything to us. We provide the latest in premium quality consumer electronic products and accessories and we do this with passion.

Every QICENT product is brand new and manufactured with precision to meticulous standards in our state of the art production facilities.

Professional Design, Pleasant Service

When creative designers meet exacting engineers, the result is amazing. We have been improving every year since our company's inception in 2009.

We like to approach every detail from the user's perspective to improve our technology, raise the bar, and make your life easier.

A Total Quality Commitment

We begin with affordable, high-quality products and end with 100% user satisfaction. For example, we offer an 18-month warranty for our USB wall charger.

This not only demonstrates the confidence we have in our QICENT products, but also demonstrates our full faith to our customers, and our desire to give you quick, no-hassle service when you need it.

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