QICENT QICENT UCF-2P Dual Port 15W Car Charger


Many friends usually ask me why QICENT has not new product? How long it takes a new product for QICENT etc.,?

Now,I want introduce a new car charger for you------QICENT UCF-2P Dual Port 15W Car Charger .


Two color: Gold and silver

Aliexpress link:http://bit.ly/QICENTDualPort15WCarCharger

Material : Solid aluminum.

Appearance design concept:

① Designing wise this is the best looking little charger I have come across. Everything about this is like art. Even the way that the connector conducts and contacts your lighter plug is unique and beautiful with its full metal posted cone.

② It is also designed to be an emergency window breaking tool.With this charger, not only can you easily break out your window in case of an emergency, but it will help to protect you from cuts and even breaking the bones in your hand. This is a must have for anybody who has had that experience. It is not a fun one, that is for sure. Highly recommends this for anybody who drives. You never know when you are gonna need it for a simple charge, or to save your life.


Charging:Absolutely beautifully designed dual port charger that works amazingly fast on your iphone and ipad as you go out for long drives at the weekend.The charging speed is very good and can handle up to

3.1amps 15w.This is a strong charger that is really durable.


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