QICENT 39W 5-Port 5V 7.8A USB Desktop Charger review – Spoiler, You won’t be disappointed!
(By Adam )

The QICENT 39W 5-Port 5V 7.8A USB Desktop Charger has a rugged design that will fit easily in any room....

The case is a hard rubberized plastic that provides plenty of grip.There is a single blue LED toward the front of the charger that indicates that it is powered and ready for use. It works just as you would expect. Connect the power to the back and plug your USB cable into one of the 5 ports along the front. All ports are 5v/2.4A. This will provide ample power to quickly charge most any USB device.Like all the Qicent products I have reviewed I would recommend this charger. Its compact size allows it to be easily portable and the power cord provides ample length for the charger to conveniently located where you need it most.

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