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DIY or Do It Yourself ? The first step

How to DIY a USB power strip when you received it? Did you have try it ? What kind of DIY do you want ?Could you share it to us ?


Here is a QICENT DIY for 4 ports power strip.
Can you guess what kind of power strip?Do you expect it?


US version power strip→→→EUROPE version power strip
Let us make it the first step.
Disassemble the device (it would be good to do it at the beginning, here is a quick I) and see a rich inner world. Immediately cut the red wire, the trouble we do not need! 


Suddenly, we have a surge protector at the entrance. A wire that connects the plug is monozhilu I arched exclusively pliers.


"... And the sword I had vomited, vomited - it is not. Good quality..." 

Places a lot, only to throw away the filter and forward. Try on the socket. 


Getting rid of excess


Saw, Shura, saw!


It turned out that in case there is a switch, and it interferes with. To spoil the interior cap oh how not like. I had to switch to disassemble, cut a little body to collect and bend contacts. 


We collect and check whether the lid is closed? 


All his cap. Climbed even filter board. Fix the screws result, divorce and change the wiring plug on the plug. 


We admire the result and turn. The blue (as you can!) And the LED indicates the operation of the device even if the pull switch. It turns out that the charging capacitor sustains life LED in a minute or two. And I have already dismantled the switch in search of his fault (well, I was fast). 


The device is assembled and works ... I guess. It would be good to check.


Battery 40W trained to issue five ports. Positive conclusion of all ports on the same bus. Which means that the individual is no current restrictions. However, on the body indicated that the two load port 2.4a, and the remaining "able" 1A. The fact that the marking on the ports does not indicate power ports, and a certain "encoding" ports. Which helps ports pretend "brand charger," which allows the tablet to take specific maximum current. Encoding can be composed of banal 0 ohm resistor between the terminals Rx and Tx. And it may look like a resistive dividers, which form a certain voltage on the data pin. But to put resistors though cheap, but not universally. It turns out that a single port can be reserved for a certain type of devices. The universal solution is the chip that connects to the port information outlets and refuses to consumers in their desire. These ports are also called "smart". 


Once decided ports, zaymёmsya their load. The load will be a bunch of resistors. It turns out that the maximum 40W - 1.6A by it with each of the five ports. According to Ohm's law, we need the 5 x 3 ohms. I collect emulator and anoint him "stupid gluttonous 5 phones." 



- With no load on the USB port generated 5.20 volts. 
- Under a load of 1.00A at voltage sags port to 5.16 volts. 
- Under a load of 1.97A per port falls (and pushed) to exactly 5.10 volts. 
- When load is evenly distributed in 1.6A- on all five ports get 4.91 volts. 

At the same time at the input device consumes 0.210A. Thus, efficiency of the device is something around 85%. Tester TrueRMS not, so I can not vouch for the accuracy, but it is close to the efficiency of such devices (82-90%). 

We reserve enabled for half an hour. Additionally connect the kettle to check the quality of connections. For half an hour the body heated up to 43 C. Expected. Housing spacious, acceptable efficiency, and even 8 ventilation holes there! 

On the following photos you can see how and where the device is heated at a load of 40W + "Maker 1pc" 


Collage thermograms was made attachment to the smartphone Thermal Seek. The program has a small bug. While maintaining the temperature label displaced. So that the red dot in the photo shows the maximum temperature of the white areas of pictures, though in a different location. The resolution of the device is low, so that the entire demonstration testbed had to lay down some pictures. 


This is all I did over the weekend. 

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