Great for travel. Free up wall plugs and charge 6 devices at
(By Heather Jordan )

This is a must have for any family! I have a cell phone, a tablet, and an iPod for my daughter. My husband has devices and so does my oldest daughter. Plus I have rechargeable lights and power banks, which all require wall plugs and a USB charger. This lets you charge six devices and only takes up one wall plug! This is great for travel because hotel room are always limited on wall plugs. Each port can charge 2.4 amps which means it will charge tablet and other large devices easily. It also charges my IPhone 6s Plus fast. The cord is about 4 feet long, so it should reach most tables or night stands easily. This extends the reach of your charger by 4 feet, so you won't be stuck to the wall. This works great and charges fast.


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